Sunday, April 6, 2014


This week I was sharing something about a case I had worked with a colleague.  When I finished, I sighed somewhat in dismay that I was not able to "fix" the problem at hand.  I gave my spill, shared the 411 and said I've done all I can do so I will leave this with you.  As I began to leave, this person said..."I don't think you are wired that way..."  I smiled knowing this person knew I would not relent, would not leave it at that and would continue to ponder until I had a new angle or answer....if you know me well, you are laughing now because you know I can be relentless.

I am not sure where this trait comes from but it does remind me of one relentless woman in my life.  My Granny Weis (my mom's mom---her name was Eloise but we give nicknames to everyone in my family), she was a prayer warrior.  I was 18 when I got saved but that sweet woman prayed for me relentlessly day in and day out way before then.  She would tell me she was praying for my salvation every time I saw her.  She would talk to me about the Lord even when it made me uncomfortable and she knew it...she didn't relent.  She was never bothered by how her comments made others feel as long as she knew the Lord's name was being honored.  The amazing thing is she never I said I was 18 when I got saved.  I wish I would have asked her how long she prayed for me because I know it was a long time.  Oh, not that I was the only one!  She prayed --- by name --- for all of her children, son/daughter in laws, grand children and great grands.  She was relentless.

Knowing God's sense of humor is one reason I would love to know how long she endured those prayers for my salvation...because I found myself praying those same salvation prayers for my Dad.  I was a Daddy's girl and my dad was an amazing father but I knew he was missing the most important part of life...a relationship with the Lord. I prayed for his salvation for 17 years and the Lord answered those prayers!  I was not the one to lead him to the Lord but I know God heard my prayers.  In those prayers, I was relentless!  Why?  Because I loved that man!  I knew I had something I wanted him to have!  I had one hallelujah fit when he told me he had asked Jesus in to his heart!

A few lessons here, God says seek Him....1 Chronicles 16:11---Seek the Lord and his strength; seek His face continually.  Jeremiah 29:13---Seek Him and you will find Him...but you have to seek with ALL your heart!   This follows my life verse that God KNOWS the plans He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Interesting to note that He knows the plans....if you want to know them you do this by SEEKING Him. It is about HIM not us.  Our prayers are to be about Him too.  Seeking and finding Him...praying for His will to be done.  This means in His timing not ours.

Don't give up hope!  If you are praying for someone, remember God's "appointed season" is not the same as ours.  That's another lesson on Titus timing!  If you are not praying for someone, may God bring someone to your mind right now to pray for....

And if you are not saved or you are struggling, maybe you have a prayer warrior praying you through. Maybe a prayer warrior has stood in the gap for you and you did not know it.  I often reflected on some things I did and wondered why I was protected...but looking back I am sure it was the prayers of my Granny Weis...or some other unsung prayer warrior I never knew was praying me through.

Listen to this song by Allen Asbury

Who are you "praying through"?  I have a list...some of you are on it.  May I be relentless in my prayers --- may you be relentless in yours!

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