Saturday, August 22, 2015

You Know You're A Social Worker When...

I had just got out the pool and told my daughter not to stay in the water because I needed to take a shower.  She assures me she is fine and not to fret...she's not a baby anymore.  After I get out of the shower, I look out the window and don't see her.

I call her name to see if she is in her answer. I open the door, don't see her.  Glean the bottom of the pool...empty.  My heart races, my mind in ten seconds has more horrible thoughts than most mothers would ever even fathom.  Now, mind you, I am wrapped in a towel and ready to sprint through the neighborhood this way if necessary.  Yes, I am not very practical at times.

I decide I should put on something more than a towel while I call her cell.  Ummm. She is in the garage measuring something for her dad...he was at Lowe's and needed measurements for something.  I shake my head at myself and laugh.

You know you are a social worker when....

Your daughter is not in the pool and immediately she has been kidnapped in your mind.

Your head itches and you are sure you have head lice.

You always check the mattress for bugs before you lay on it when you travel.

You never open the door without looking through the peep hole.

You wouldn't let your children go anywhere with anyone without a background check first.

On another level....

You know you're a social worker when....

You see hope in the eyes of the hopeless and that is enough to make your entire career worthwhile.

You have more room in your heart than in your home....if only you could bring them all home.

You always look for the good in people....everyone has strengths to build on.

You never say never because there is always a way.

You believe in change and want to be the agent to bring it about.

You know when you are cussed out, it really means I am stressed and thankful for your help.

You don't let emotions drive decisions.

You believe in moving mountains to help someone you have never met before.

You wouldn't trade your career for anything in the world!

Love being a social worker!

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