Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nobody Better....A batters lesson to all of us!

My son loves baseball...we play school ball and off season we play travel ball.  I love to watch these boys play. Yes, I love to see them win, but mostly I love to see the passion they have for the game and to watch friendships grow on and off the field. One thing you would know if you ever go to a game with me is I yell "loud and proud" for those boy, his teammates and wait for it---the other teams boys. After all, these games are about more than a win or a loss.  They should be about building character, growing friendships, teaching work ethic, and keeping them out of trouble! Not to diminish my passion to win but I realize win or lose life goes on...but the rest of the lessons learned, we remember for life.

Last weekend, we were playing in a tournament. As I mentioned, I had a cheer for each boy as they batted.  Suddenly, a parent behind me started laughing at me (ok, nothing new, I laugh at myself regularly).  He said, "Sandra, you have said 'nobody better' the last four batters." I looked at him and laughed at myself. Quick witted, I said, "well, in that moment, at that point in the line up there is nobody better."  I went on to justify my comment with that batter is what we have to work with at that moment so there is nobody better in that moment in time -- those pitches were formed for them because nobody could take their matter what was thrown at them it was meant for them in that moment to do with what they could.  I continued with "nobody better" until we ended that game.

What a life lesson!  In whatever moment God has placed you, there is no one better. There is no one God formed for that position other than you. Whatever curve ball is coming your way, there is no body better to face off with it. If it doesn't come at you just like you thought it should, God knew you needed to wait on something better. If you strike out, God doesn't want you to give up.  If it comes easy and you get a walk, God needs you moving for a reason.  If it's perfect and you knock it out of the park, God wanted you to shine to glorify Him.  So whatever you are facing today, stay in the batters box.  Keep your head down on it, wait on it and when it's your pitch, take it. God has nobody better in that moment than you!

Jeremiah 29:11-13 tells us God has a plan for our life, to prosper us, to give us a hope and a future, not to harm us...God wants us to glorify Him in the good times and during our struggles.  In Exodus 35:30-35, Moses talks to Israel about what skills God has given them which were for His glory.  Maybe you have never heard of Bezalel and Oholiab but in that moment in time there was nobody better to begin to build the tabernacle.  
Whatever God has blessed you with, benefit God's kingdom with it. Don't underestimate why God has you where you are in this season of your life. There is NOBODY BETTER! And when you get that walk off, we will celebrate with you because at that moment in time, there is nobody better!

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