Saturday, June 7, 2014


Tonight I enjoyed dinner with my family laughing hysterically about some things from days gone by. I won't linger long in this post but to say I laughed so hard I almost cried.  I enjoy those good times with my mom and siblings.  I will say I am a little concerned that some of my memories are not the same as theirs....denial might be my coping skill!  With that being said, after settling down from the laughter and hysteria...I had a thought. It was----are you ready??  It was just this one word, "WOW!"

This one word encompasses so much. WOW--thank you God for all you protected me from, thank you for where I am today vs where I could be.  Thank you for ordering my footsteps and for doing whatever it took to bring me on the path I am on today. Thank you for the roadblocks, stumbling blocks, and 180 degree turns I experienced along the way. At times I did not understand those obstacles but WOW today I do!!

So if you are not sure why something's okay. Just know God knows better than we do and sometimes we are too hard headed to listen.  He loves us enough to change our direction, slow us down, or pick us up and move us to a whole new place.  So to use an old cliche...Let GO and Let God!  Years from now, you MIGHT understand why!

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